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Revolutionizing Spaces

How a Texas Showroom Redefines Design Possibilities

Project Location: Dallas, TX 
Client: D
IRTT Construction Systems

The DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in Dallas aimed to showcase the endless possibilities of building with DIRTT. Inspired by the boundless landscape of Texas, our goal was to create an immersive experience for guests, inspiring higher education institutions to explore the innovative DIRTT construction system for creating better spaces. Through collaboration with the product development team at DIRTT, we embarked on a brand marketing and graphic design journey to transform the DXC into a visually captivating and informative destination.

Aligning Design and Purpose


Just as our DIRTT's clients face the challenge of designing a new space, we asked: What does DIRTT want to achieve with the DXC? How can we make it both practical and visually impactful? Collaborating with the internal design team at DIRTT and global architectural design firm, Gensler, we explored the influence of nature and biophilic design in Texas. The vast landscape, sun-bleached color palette, and the integration of natural elements all influenced the look and feel of the DXC. 

Creating an Interactive Education Space 


To engage visitors and highlight DIRTT's solutions, we developed an interactive tour of the Education space within the DXC. This touch screen experience emphasized the innovative aspects of DIRTT while encouraging guests to explore the system's potential. By showcasing how DIRTT could enhance higher education environments for students, staff, and campuses, we aimed to spark conversations about building better spaces.

Pushing the Boundaries


Through strategic brand marketing and graphic design, we transformed the DIRTT Experience Center in Dallas into a visually striking, immersive, and informative destination. By aligning our design with the influence of Texas's landscape and nature, we showcased the full potential of DIRTT. The DXC served as a testament to DIRTT's commitment to pushing boundaries, providing versatile spaces, and incorporating the latest innovations. This project not only reinforced DIRTT's expertise but also empowered their clients to embark on transformative journeys in their own spaces.

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