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Case Studies

Celebrating Creative Achievements: Dive into Cheeky Canvas' Most Impactful Design Projects


Revolutionizing Spaces

How a Texas Showroom Redefines Design Possibilities

The DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in Dallas aimed to showcase the endless possibilities of building with DIRTT. Inspired by the boundless landscape of Texas, our goal was to create an immersive experience...

Unleashing Magic & Tradition

Transforming Calgary Zoo's ZOOLIGHTS Brand Expression and Legacy of Unforgettable Holiday Experiences

In mid-2018, the Calgary Zoo recognized the need to revamp their renowned ZOOLIGHTS brand...


Roasting Success

Building a Strong Brand for a Small Business Startup

As an artisanal coffee roaster based in Calgary, AB, Devil's Head Coffee aimed to share their love for coffee with a wider audience. Their mission was not only to provide exceptional coffee but also to educate customers about ethically sourced coffee beans...


Transforming Trade Show Engagement

Delivering an Immersive Brand Experience

DIRTT, a leading industrialized construction manufacturer, aims to make a lasting impression on attendees at their annual Connext Trade Show in Chicago. Our mission was to ensure a cohesive brand experience and maximize engagement...

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