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Unleashing Magic and Tradition

Transforming Calgary Zoo's ZOOLIGHTS Brand Expression and Legacy of Unforgettable Holiday Experiences

Project Location: Calgary, AB 
Client: Wilder Institute / Calgary Zoo

In mid-2018, the Calgary Zoo recognized the need to revamp their renowned ZOOLIGHTS brand. While the marketing team appreciated some of the previous taglines and photography, they sought a refreshed logo and a new artistic direction to elevate the brand's impact.

From Memories to Impact

The Calgary Zoo brand holds a special place in people's hearts and minds, whether it be the cherished memories made during a visit to the park or the profound impact of their conservation programs on individuals worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting glow of the Aurora Borealis, the revitalized ZOOLIGHTS brand leverages the zoo's existing creative elements and comes to life through a cohesive visual identity, messaging, and tone.

Creating Everlasting Holiday Memories

ZOOLIGHTS has become synonymous with Calgary's beloved holiday tradition, attracting visitors year after year to partake in the festive experience. As a tribute to the loyalty of its members and visitors, the letters "O" in the word "ZOO" cleverly unite to form an infinity symbol, symbolizing the Calgary Zoo's commitment to creating everlasting memories for all ZOOLIGHTS attendees.

A brand refresh for the Calgary Zoo's ZOOLIGHTS not only revitalized its visual appeal but also reaffirmed its status as a cherished tradition. By maintaining a consistent and compelling brand presence, the Calgary Zoo ensures that its message resonates with its audience and continues to inspire visitors to create unforgettable moments year after year.

Flexibility, Savings, Success


Completing the ZOOLIGHTS brand refresh with an independent consultant rather than a marketing agency offered numerous benefits for the Calgary Zoo. Firstly, it provided the opportunity for the internal marketing team to have a hands-on involvement in every aspect of the process, ensuring a deep understanding of the brand's values, objectives, and target audience. This intimate knowledge translated into a more authentic and cohesive brand experience. Additionally, handling the brand refresh internally allowed for greater flexibility and responsiveness to evolving needs and market trends, as changes could be implemented swiftly and efficiently. It also resulted in cost savings, as the zoo didn't have to allocate resources to external agency fees. By taking ownership of the brand refresh, the Calgary Zoo fostered a sense of pride and ownership among the team, further enhancing their commitment to the success of ZOOLIGHTS and their ability to maintain a consistent and impactful brand presence.

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