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Transforming Trade Show Engagement

Delivering an Immersive Brand Experience

Project Location: Chicago, IL
Client: D
IRTT Construction Systems

DIRTT, a leading industrialized construction manufacturer, aims to make a lasting impression on attendees at their annual Connext Trade Show in Chicago. Our mission was to ensure a cohesive brand experience and maximize engagement. Cheeky Canvas provided comprehensive support, including creating graphics for the event website, delivering creative assets for a seamless virtual check-in process, designing impactful environmental graphics, expressing DIRTT's value propositions through interactive digital experiences, introducing NFC business cards for networking, facilitating on-site social media coverage, and conducting follow-up communications to guests and partners.

Website Graphics and Brand Consistency


Cheeky Canvas played a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of DIRTT's Connext Trade Show. By creating captivating graphics for the event website, Cheeky Canvas immediately captured the attention of potential attendees and communicated the event's purpose and value. The graphics were meticulously crafted to reflect DIRTT's brand aesthetics, ensuring a consistent and recognizable experience for visitors.


Seamless Virtual Check-in Experience 

Supporting DIRTT's implementation of a virtual check-in system Cheeky Canvas helped simplify the registration process and enhanced attendee experience. By seamlessly integrating DIRTT's branding elements into the virtual check-in platform, we created a cohesive brand journey from the moment guests arrived. This user-friendly interface not only saved time for attendees but also showcased DIRTT's commitment to innovative and efficient solutions.

Impactful Environmental Graphics


To transform the physical space into an immersive brand experience, Cheeky Canvas designed and implemented captivating environmental graphics. These graphics effectively conveyed DIRTT's value propositions, showcasing their unique processes and solutions. By strategically placing these visuals throughout the venue, Cheeky Canvas ensured that attendees were constantly immersed in the world of DIRTT and its innovative approach to interior construction.

Engaging Digital Experiences


Cheeky Canvas utilized a combination of motion graphics and leveraged DIRTT's B-roll library to create interactive digital experiences that captured attendees' attention and deepened their understanding of DIRTT's offerings. Through engaging displays and multimedia presentations, guests could explore DIRTT's value propositions, learn about their construction process, and witness the transformative power of their solutions. This experiential approach left a lasting impact on visitors and reinforced DIRTT's position as an industry leader.

Enhanced Networking with NFC Business Cards


To facilitate networking and strengthen client relationships, we worked closely with DIRTT's sales team to introduce NFC (near-field communication) business cards. These innovative cards allowed attendees to exchange contact information seamlessly with a simple tap, eliminating the need for traditional paper-based business cards. This technological advancement not only enhanced efficiency but also demonstrated DIRTT's commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge solutions.

On-Site Social Media Coverage


Cheeky Canvas actively supported on-site social media coverage during the Connext Trade Show. By creating engaging content and leveraging social media platforms, Cheeky Canvas increased brand visibility and generated excitement among attendees and the wider online audience.

Through comprehensive support, Cheeky Canvas helped DIRTT create an exceptional brand experience at Connext. From designing graphics for the event website to implementing NFC business cards and supporting social media coverage, Cheeky Canvas played a pivotal role in elevating brand recognition, engagement, and networking opportunities. By leveraging their expertise in graphic design and digital experiences, we successfully conveyed DIRTT's value propositions and ensured a memorable and impactful trade show experience for attendees

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