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Case Studies

Exploring some of Cheeky Canvas' most influential projects.

Environmental Graphics
DIRTT Environmental Solutions | Plano, TX

The DIRTT Experience Center (DXC) in Dallas was inspired by the world just outside the window. Not just the rugged plains and sun-bleached palette. The vast landscape of Texas has a character all its own. Wide open. A place with no boundaries. Exactly the feeling we want to pass on to guests when they visit. This is a place to immerse yourself in the possibilities of building with DIRTT.

Visit the Environment Graphics section of the website to view all EGD from this project.

Interactive Digital Display

In collaboration with the product development team at DIRTT, we created an interactive tour of the Education space within the DXC. This touch screen experience calls out innovative DIRTT solutions and encourages the audience to take a closer look at what the DIRTT construction system can help them achieve; inspiring higher education institutions to talk about building better for students, staff and their campus. Take your virtual tour here.

Connext Event Design
 Architecture + Design Trade Show | Chicago, Il

Each year, on the heels of NeoCon, Connext invites the A+D community into DIRTT's Chicago Design Experience Center for an interior construction trade show. Guests to the event enjoy guided tours, refreshments and networking opportunities, walk through 3D CAD designs in virtual reality, interactive digital displays, and plenty of merchandise giveaways. 

Calgary Zoo | Calgary, AB

In mid-2018,  the Calgary Zoo was looking to overhaul their well-known  ZOOLIGHTS brand.  While the marketing team loved some of the tag lines and photography from past creative, they were looking for a refreshed logo and a new artistic direction.

The Calgary Zoo brand exists in people’s hearts and minds – from an on-park memory that will last a lifetime to the experience of a villager in Ghana touched by one of their conservation programs.

Inspired by the glow of the Aurora Borealis, the ZOOLIGHTS brand draws from the strength of the zoo's existing creative and is brought to life through the presentation of a consistent visual identity, message and tone.

Known as Calgary’s favourite holiday tradition, visitors come to ZOOLIGHTS year after year totake part in the festivities. As a nod to loyal members and visitors, the “O’s” in the word “ZOO” come together to create an infinity symbol. The Calgary Zoo aspires to create lasting memories for all ZOOLIGHTS visitors.

Brand Identity Design
Devil's Head Coffee | Calgary, AB


In early 2017, Chris and Tanis Meginbir, avid members of the Calgary climbing community, approached me about designing a website for their up-and-coming coffee roasterie, Devil's Head Coffee. An artisanal coffee roaster based out of Calgary, AB, DHC set out to share their passion for coffee with everyone.  They believe in providing a quality coffee while educating their customers about ethically sourced coffee beans. Each coffee growing family farm, cooperative and region has almost unlimited nuance affecting the end result.

DHC hopes to inspire others to go after their dreams and create a community of like-minded individuals. Operating solely out of farmer's markets at the time, the goal of their website was to create a benchmark for their brand; showcase DHC's unique products, create an online subscription ordering service, and expand brand reach in a way that reflects their values and builds a sense of community. With only a logo as a jumping off point, Cheeky Canvas created the design style, page layouts and  website wireframes.  Then, with the help of a local web developer, the site was brought to life. 

Today, Devil's Head Coffee operates out of its own storefront, caters corporate and private events, participates in markets, offers wholesale options, and is served in a variety of local cafes and retailers.

Packaging + Brand Identity

As a small, locally owned business, DHC operates as sustainably as possible.  This means doing a lot of their printing in-house to not only decrease their carbon footprint, but also to operate with lower overhead costs. Devil's Head Coffee roasts a variety of coffee beans from various regions across the globe. Their colour coding system categorizes roasts by region, but as supplier and growers are constantly changing, (not to mention other local business collabs), DHC needed the ability to edit their labels in-house.  

We came up with an on-brand solution that minimized the amount of ink needed during the printing process, while creating editable PDF label templates that can be easily updated as needed. Having the ability to make the updates in house not only decreased their production costs, but also saved time and materials.

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