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Roasting Success

Helping a Local Roasterie Build a Thriving Brand from Bean to Website

Project Location: Calgary, AB
Client: D
evil's Head Coffee

Building a Strong Brand for a Small Business Startup

In early 2017, Chris and Tanis Meginbir, passionate members of the Calgary climbing community, approached us with an exciting opportunity: designing a website for their emerging coffee roastery, Devil's Head Coffee (DHC). As an artisanal coffee roaster based in Calgary, AB, DHC aimed to share their love for coffee with a wider audience. Their mission was not only to provide exceptional coffee but also to educate customers about ethically sourced coffee beans. They recognized the nuanced impact of each coffee-growing family farm, cooperative, and region on the final product.

DHC sought to inspire others to pursue their dreams and create a community of like-minded individuals. At that time, operating solely at farmers' markets, they saw their website as a strategic opportunity to establish a brand benchmark. Their goals included showcasing their unique products, implementing an online subscription ordering service, and expanding their brand's reach in a way that aligns with their values and fosters a sense of community. With only a logo as a starting point, Cheeky Canvas took charge, crafting the design style, page layouts, and website wireframes. Working alongside a local web developer, we brought the website to life.

Today, Devil's Head Coffee has grown beyond expectations. They operate from their own storefront, cater to corporate and private events, actively participate in markets, offer wholesale options, and have their products served in numerous local cafes and retailers.

Being a small, locally owned business, DHC places a strong emphasis on sustainability. This commitment extends to their printing practices, aiming to minimize their carbon footprint while reducing overhead costs. With a diverse range of coffee beans sourced from various regions worldwide, DHC implemented a color coding system to categorize roasts by region. However, due to the constant changes in suppliers, growers, and local collaborations, they required the flexibility to update their labels in-house.

To address this challenge, we devised an on-brand solution that optimized ink usage during the printing process. We created editable PDF label templates, allowing DHC to easily make updates as needed. By empowering them to handle updates in-house, DHC not only decreased production costs but also saved valuable time and materials.

The strategic brand development, combined with sustainable packaging solutions, positioned Devil's Head Coffee for success as a small business startup. They established a strong brand presence, expanded their reach, and maintained cost-effective operations, all while staying true to their values.

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